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Work Out at Home

Work Out at Home

Workout made easy -  Get yourself a skipping rope


You don’t need a gym membership to work out and get fit.

A lot of people who want to hit the gym and are conscious find themselves stuck between work and the responsibility of taking care of the children or taking care of the house. Sometimes there are no gyms in the close vicinity of work or home. In these cases, a regular workout plan with home-based exercises is the key to physical fitness. In this article, we will talk about some skipping rope exercises you can easily perform at home.

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The skipping rope workout uses one of the most basic (and ironically, most challenging) elements of fitness. The only piece of equipment you need for this home toning and the cardio routine is a jump rope, along with the willingness to put yourself through a good 20 minutes of grunting and sweating in your living room.

This old school exercise has great fitness benefits for grown-ups. Skipping rope is an effective cardio exercise that works your arms, legs, and core. It also helps strengthen your bones and improves balance. There are many fitness enthusiasts who practice home workouts to lose weight or increase muscle mass.

Rope exercises -  A 15-minute workout

  1. Basic Jump

Swing the rope over your head and jump when it passes your feet. You don’t have to jump too high, just enough to clear the rope. Land evenly on both feet. Continue for one minute, then rest for one minute.

  1. Alternate - Foot Jump

Swing the rope over your head and jump over as it passes your feet. Land on your right foot. On the next rotation, land on your left. Continue this, as if you were running in place, for one minute. Rest for one minute.

  1. Combo Jump

Repeat the alternate-foot jump for eight turns of the rope. Next, do eight basic jumps. Continue this alternating pattern for one minute, rest for one minute, then repeat the sequence one more time.

  1. High Step

Repeat the alternate - foot jump, but this time raise each knee to a 90-degree angle while jumping. Continue for one minute, then rest for one minute.

  1. Endurance Jump

Do either the basic jump or the alternate-foot jump for five minutes. If you can’t keep up with it for that long, start by jumping for one minute, rest for one minute, and repeat for five sets. Aim to complete at least 600 jumps in total.

Once you are done with the rope exercises don’t forget to stretch and cool down.

This routine burns roughly 200-220 calories, depending on factors such as gender, weight, muscle content, and existing fitness level. To increase the length of the workout and the number of calories burned, you can always do the entire routine twice.

Jumping rope workouts are cheap and a very effective way to get your heart rate up when you don’t want to go to the gym or workout outside. You can buy a jump rope for as little as $6 - $10 that provides a serious, calorie burning cardiovascular workout that tones the legs, shoulders, glutes and more. Throw in a few different bodyweight exercises and you’ve got a workout that you can easily do in your living room or the office or even a hotel room when you’re on a holiday.

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