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News — Walking and it & benefits

Walking and it & benefits

Walking and it & benefits


Walking is a great exercise for physical and mental fitness. It is not only the simplest form of exercise that almost everyone can do, it’s also free of cost that can help in weight loss and maintenance. Regardless of the fitness level and age, walking offers a number of benefits. Here is how walking can help you -

1. Improves the mood
If you’re having a bad day, walk it off. There have been studies which have shown
that walking boosts the mood and reduces stress. What’s even better is if you can
take a walk amidst nature, through greenery which reduces the feeling of
frustration and calms your mind body and soul.
2. Strengthens the bone structure
You need to keep your joints moving for them to work their best. Regular walking
increases your muscle strength and makes your bones stronger and also
increases their density. It also tones down your calves, hamstrings, and quads. It
helps you maintain healthy joints and reduces the chances of arthritis and back
3. Improves heart fitness
Walking raises your heart rate that gets blood pumping around your system.
Hence, it provides a perfect workout for your heart and circulation system
reducing the risk of heart disease and heart strokes. It helps lower the bad
cholesterol (LDL) and increases the good cholesterol (HDL) which keeps the blood pressure in check.
4. Sharpens the brain
Walking as a form of exercise becomes increasingly beneficial as you age and
your risk for dementia and other brain disorders increase. It can help reverse the
effects of aging. A study showed that participants aged between 55 to 88 who
met the exercise guidelines set by the American Heart Association showed a
significantly lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
5. Helps you lose weight
To lose weight, you need to burn about 600 calories a day, more than you eat and
drink, and for that to happen, you may have to increase your speed. You can burn
off twice as many calories by walking at 6.5 kilometers per hour than you can at
half that speed. Walking also increases muscle mass and tones your body. Hence, the more muscle you have, the faster will be your metabolism, and the more calories you will burn off.
6. A healthy pregnancy
Studies have shown that walking just for half an hour every day can help pregnant
women prevent back pain, constipation, swelling and other pregnancy-related
health conditions. Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean your health decreases.
7. Improves immunity
A walk every day helps your body to keep illness away and fight it better as well.
As mentioned above, regular exercise/walk can also help in maintaining a healthy
weight, which helps reduce the various risk of diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes.
Walking is not limited to strolling by yourself around your local neighborhood.
There are various clubs, venues, and strategies you can use to make walking a
the delightful and social part of your lifestyle.
Treat yourself well and stay healthy!

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